Sapodillic Sounds Spotlight: ‘The Voice’ Sensation Kimberly Nichole Rocks Out This V-Day


Singer-songwriter Kimberly Nichole, who set season 8 of The Voice on fire with her fiery and fierce vocals, has wasted no time bringing her bad-ass brand of music to the masses after her climb to the Top 6 on the high-profile show. The “ROCK ballerina” will be performing this weekend at Rockwood Music Hall on Valentine’s Day, and she shared with why she loves rock music so music, her musical loves, and what folks can expect from her upcoming show.

Are you in love right now? If yes how does being in love affect your music and performances?

I am absolutely in love right now. With music… my music… with creating. 😉 It’s all I think about, desire to do. And when I’m on stage it’s the driving force in my performances.

What do you love most about being a singer? 

I love touching people’s lives… inspiring people. Being able to do what I love and people receive it with love and are moved by it is so fulfilling. My gift isn’t meant for me, it is meant to touch people’s lives and I’m so grateful for that.

What’s the greatest challenge to being an artist at this time?

I look at challenges as opportunities. The only obstacle I find is the reception to artists who sing rock and roll. You don’t see any young breakout rock artists on the charts. Not to say it can’t happen. It can. There’s an opening. A lane for that. I’m hopeful that there will one day very soon be an opportunity for rock and roll artists to break records on mainstream radio and charts.

What can attendees expect from your Valentine’s Day show Feb. 14 at Rockwood Music Hall? What vibe are you looking to bring to the show?

Just a good evening of laughs, love and rock and roll. My shows are very engaging. I like to tell stories. Laugh. Use colorful language lol!!! And sing my heart out. Some of the songs will be songs I wrote, which are very personal to me and my love journey, and others will be some of my favorites by my favorite artists.

Can you talk a bit about your single “Sarah the Devil” and your plans to release new music?

Sarah the Devil… I wrote that song after being super frustrated with the patriarchal constraints on women when it comes to relationships. I believe in partnership. I believe in lovers creating a relationship that works best for them. Sometimes that doesn’t mirror what we are taught and told a relationship is supposed to be – the roles she or he takes on. It’s my rebellious song against this mindset of who does what in relationships.

I’m working on new music now. It’s a labor of love – I’ll be in LA in the spring working with some incredible artists on even more music. I can’t wait for that and for you all to find out who I’ll be working with.


What did you love the most about being on The Voice?

I really loved being able to be who I truly am every week in front of millions of viewers. I sang the songs I wanted to sing. I dressed how I wanted to dress. I was undeniably Kimberly Nichole. I especially loved being coached by Christina Aguilera. We had a great rapport. It was like we were long lost friends… and she was the superstar friend coaching her friend on a singing competition. Adore her.

What artists do you love and draw inspiration from?

There’s sooooo many!!! Lol! Alabama Shakes are really inspiring me right now. I love Sound and Color. I love love love Jack White. I’ve been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately and Sister Rosetta Tharpe – the Godmother of Rock and Roll has really been a huge inspiration for me. There’s many more, but those are just a few.

Why do you love tutus so darn much?

Hahahhaa! The whole tutu thing happened by accident. They aren’t actually tutus. They’re skirts inspired by tutus. But they’re custom made and I help design them with Roxey Jones, who’s my best friend’s husband’s stepmother. Lol. She’s amazing. The whole image naturally happened and it’s stuck. I’ve always loved dressing up and wearing skirts. My onstage style is just an extension of who I am and my personal style. Plus it’s super cute and fun to prance around the stage in a custom tutu-like skirt.

What is it about rock music that you love and adore so much?

It’s the feeling and freedom it gives me on stage .. And it’s the deep roots of it… Where it evolved from.. I feel like it’s a part of my DNA.. Well, I know it’s a part of my DNA. 😉

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