The Floacist Discusses Prince, The Floetry Reunion and What’s Next for Her

In the summer of 2015, when the U.K. born and bred dynamic duo Floetry announced that they had reunited and were embarking on a tour after a nine-year haitus, I just knew I had to cover this historic musical moment for VH1. It only made sense, after all, since I’d covered their solo NYC shows – Marsha Ambrosius aka Songstress in 2103 at the Blue Note, and Natalie Stewart aka Floacist at SOB’s in 2014, all the while sending up prayers that they’d join forces again sometime in the future.

When those prayers were answered I thought that was accomplishment and closure, a full-circle moment. I got to meet Floacist after their 2015 B.B. Kings show and was content to add that moment to my collection of those that mattered a great deal to me. I didn’t know that this could get even better. As in fast-forwarding to 2017, and being able to attend an encore back-by-popular-demand Floetry reunion tour show at B.B. Kings on a Friday night this past April. As in greeting the gifted one backstage once again in a moment laced with fondness and remembrance, and her asking if I would be attending the show again that Sunday. As in graciously accepting her invitation, and in a game-changing moment garnering up the courage to ask Floacist if I could interview her for my blog baby Sapodillic – and her saying YES! As in arriving to the hotel that sunny Sunday afternoon with butterflies in my stomach, and being invited by Floacist to join her upstairs, where I witnessed lots of love, laughs and cool vibes as she got her makeup done and prepared for Floetry’s second B.B. Kings show of that weekend. As in  having an on-camera conversation with her (that I feel so blessed to be able to share with you all, BTW), and then walking the few blocks from the hotel to the venue with Floacist and her crew to the show, where I got to experience once again the woman on a musical mission to touch hearts, feed minds, uplift spirits. Needless to say, it was a great weekend. In those moments, I indeed felt blessed, well, alive. That is the gift of Natalie Stewart, aka Floacist of Floetry.

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Photo /Video Credit: Raymond Hagans/daraseans

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