Sapodillic Sounds Spotlight: Lady Moon & The Eclipse

As I watched the ladies of Lady Moon & The Eclipse – Nkoula Badila, Ntangou Badila, Aatifa Drayton and Lady Moon herself, Ngonda Badila – make their way to the stage at Rockwood Music Hall to join Arlen Hart (keys), Jonathan Camuzeaux (bass) … Continue reading

Soulstenance: Fantasia Barrino’s “No Time For It”

Music truly is the soundtrack of my life – and Fantasia’s new single “No Time For It” just gave me the clarity and closure I’ve been seeking about an ex-friend.

Last summer I ended a trial friendship with a woman who I decided I just didn’t want to interact with anymore. I met her the previous fall one morning as we were both buying our morning coffees, and I honestly was surprised that she opened up her mouth to speak to me on that particular day. On other mornings I’d spotted her on the Metro North platform and attempted to make eye contact, exchange a friendly morning greeting, offer a compliment from one woman to another. But she was just not receptive, and after a few failed attempts I made a mental note – “not friendly, don’t bother”- and kept it moving.

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